Annual Meeting

Catered by Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ of Kilmarnock!

The Annual Meeting for the Players will take place at the theater on Sunday, August 27, 2017, at 3 p.m.

An amendment to the Players bylaws will be put for a vote at the annual meeting:

  • Under Article V, Section D5,  “Quorum and Voting Procedure” — the Amendment asks to:
    • Add: “Under special circumstances, whereas a vote is required and it is not practical to call a special meeting of the board, a vote may be taken via electronic means and must be ratified at the the next scheduled board meeting.”
  • Under Article IX, “Election of Directors” — the Amendment asks to:
    • Remove 9.d., “Information on how to obtain an absentee ballot.”
    • Remove all of Section C, “Absentee Ballot Process”
    • Remove Section E.4., “Receive from the secretary any absentee ballots properly submitted prior to the election”
    • Remove the word “reevaluated” from Section E.8.

For reference: BY-LAWS OF THE WESTMORELAND PLAYERS, INC (As amended at the Special Meeting, June 9, 2013)


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