The Fortune Hunters

August 4 to August 19, 2018

A new adaptation of the classic comedy The Beaux’ Stratagem, by John Farquhar

Posing as a well-to-do gentleman and his manservant, Aimwell and Archer—two recently impoverished rakes—take to the country seeking to secure wealthy women as wives and so refill their own coffers. While Aimwell sets his sights on eminently eligible bachelorette Dorinda, Archer angles toward her sister-in-law, the most unhappily married Mrs. Sullen. Gaining the interest of their respective targets and access to the house where the ladies live, Aimwell and Archer set out to take hold of the ladies’ wealth before they can be exposed. Complications arise when the two gentlemen actually fall in love with the ladies, prompting their inherent honesty and chivalry. The ensuing action creates a wild whirl of schemes, revealing amorous declarations and practical plots that propel the play to its happy end. Sword fighting! Madcap action! Thieves and heroes! The 18th century never was so much fun!

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