Important Performance Notice

Dear Fellow Theatre Goer,

It is my sad duty to inform you we will not be able to resume our schedule in September, as we had optimistically hoped.

Due primarily to the social-distancing restrictions now in effect, there could be no group assembled in the Lobby. We would also have to do the play with no intermission. This means we could not have the restrooms or bar open, or serve refreshments. We would also have to skip every other row when assigning seats. It would also be a requirement to skip 2 seats between groups. And, yes, you the audience and actors would have to wear masks. We felt this would not be a pleasant theatre experience for anyone.

Hence the Board has decided to cancel all productions until restrictions are removed and our audience can safely return to the Theatre. We will keep you informed via our website, Box Office telephone announcement, and the sign board out front of the Theatre.

We wish we had better news to share. However, the Board is committed to doing everything possible to make our re-opening the Theatre experience you have come to expect from us, and with your health and safety not at risk. Better days are ahead.

Until then, I remain,

Bev Mangan
Westmoreland Players
Board of Directors


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