Swashbuckling Swordsmanship on The Players’ Stage

Fight Director Aaron Orensky puts the cast “on point” in a scene from The Fortune Hunters. Fighters include Deanna Lavery, Carolyn Reiner, Chad Lewis and Rayshawn Veney. Carrie Nelson (left) awaits her turn.

Aaron Orensky drills leading man Chad Lewis in a confrontation scene in “The Fortune Hunters”

Professional fight choreographer Aaron Orensky has traveled the world studying and teaching stage combat for two decades. For the past six weeks he’s brought his expertise to The Westmoreland Players, Callao, staging a live-action sword fight involving 15 of the 22 cast members.

The Fortune Hunters, an original adaptation of an 18th century play by co-director Joy Evans, offers daring antics in a scene of “Errol Flynn” style of swordplay.

Artistic Director Glenn Evans previously engaged Aaron to design the bunkhouse brawl scene in The Player’s past production Of Mice and Men. His talents also created the all-too realistic climactic moment of the death of the boss’s daughter-in-law.

“Safety is always first and foremost when it comes to fight sequences,” offers Evans. “They should never be left to happenstance. Our actors brandishing a sword have trained hard and promise to offer our audience moments to cheer.”

Aaron has showed his talents in productions ranging from Lucrezia Borgia performed by the Washington National Opera at the Kennedy Center to The Three Musketeers in Volunteer Park, Seattle, WA.

Most recently his expert work was seen in Richmond productions of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare in Love, End of War, MacBeth, and The Boy and the Lion.

Join the excitement when The Fortune Hunters plays August 4 -19, at the theatre at 16217 Richmond Rd. Cheer the good guys and boo the bad guys! Reservations suggested (and tickets available at the door). Call the box office at 804-529-9345 or buy tickets online.

If you’re up for a good fight and looking for a new challenge, you can find Aaron at www.vastagecombat.com. The master is always ready to sling more steel!


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