A Christmas Carol

November 30 to December 16, 2012


Christmas is just an excuse for people to miss work. It’s the time of year when the lazy an the idle expect handouts. Ebenezer Scrooge is certain of that. But then, the ghost of his former business associate pays him a visit.


Scrooge – Glenn Evans
Jacob Marley/Mourner – Jason Strong
Gooseboy/Party Guest/Miner – Ray Rubio
Mrs. Dilber/Mrs. Fezziwig/Miner – Nancy Moss
Charwoman – Bev Mangan
Bob Cratchit – Jesse Clark
Mrs. Cratchit – Margaret Bushman
Martha Cratchit/Fezziwig Daughter – Caroline Bruner
Belinda Cratchit/Want – Elena Runkle
Peter Cratchit/Young Scrooge 1 – Silas French
John Cratchit/Ignorance – CJ Hence
Harriet Cratchit – Ashley Roberts
Tiny Tim – Philip Haynie
Sam/Captain/Miner – Lucas Wigfield
Caroline/Miner – Amie Schaumberg
Old Joe/Portly Gent 1/Miner – Alan Campbell
Gentleman 1/Wealthy Man/Lighthouse Man/Party Guest/Old Bobby – Cary Jones
Gentlewoman 1/Adult Belle/Party Guest – Kathryn Shepherd
Nephew Fred – Sean Thompson
Kate – Christina Thompson
Maid/Fezziwig Daughter – Lauren Harter
Portly Gentleman 2/James/Mourner – Lynn Brownley
Beggar Boy/School Boy 3/Miner – Orie Bullard
Beggar Girl/Miner – Rain Eguiguren
Ghost of Christmas Past – Colette Haynie
School boy 1 – Michael Plante
School boy 2 – Hazen Shryock
Young Fan 1 – Lucy Shryock
Fezziwig/Undertakers Man/Mourner/Sailor – Bruce Lawyer
Young Scrooge 2/Young Bobby/Topper – Brett Hermance
Dick Wilkins/Miner/Beggar/Sailor – Cory Coggin
Young Belle/Fezziwig Daughter – India Eguiguren
Grandchild 1 – Sydney Trent
Grandchild 2 – Emma Thompson
Grandchild 3 – Thorne Thompson
Grandchild 4 – Nariah Bowers
Ghost of Christmas Present – Nick Smith
Poor Man/Lighthouse Man/Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come – Michael Bruner
Gentlewoman 2/Mrs. Dickens – Lynn Gill
Mr. Charles Dickens – Robert Crown
Carolers – Margarget Bushman, Lynn Brownley, Caroline Bruner, Jesse Clark, Nancy Moss, Ray Rubio, Elena Runkle, Amie Schaumberg, Christina Thompson, Sydney Trent
Pianist/Violinist – Eleanor Clark

Production Staff

Producer/Director – Glenn & Joy Evans
Stage Manager – Gail Bruner
Assistant Stage Manager – George Runkle
Scenic Artist – Mary Small
Musical Direction – Margaret Bushman
Accompanist – Eleanor Clark
Backstage Crew – Gwen Headley, Erin Martin, Susan Morgan, Gene Bookwalter
Tech – Richard Banker, Janice Coates
Choreographer – Marcia Peters
Set Construction Lead – Mark Payne
Lighting – Emma Picard
Costumer – Joy Evans

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