A Shot in the Dark



Paul Sevigne – Paul Hutnyan
Morestan – Dave Gutowski
LaBlache – Bruce Lawyer
Antoinette Sevigne – Gail Bruner
Josefa Latenay – Jessica Hutt
Dominique Beaurevers – Julia Tilley
Benjamin Beaurevers – Alan Campbell
The Guard – Bev Mangan

Production Staff

Producer/Director – Nancy Royall
Stage Manager – Janice Coates
Assistant Stage Manager – Whittney Myers
Set Design – Nancy Royall
Set Construction – Skip Tilley, Dick Allen, Ricky Fritz, Ed Glading, Bob Kane, Ralph Millar, Mark Payne
Set Painting – Nancy Royall, Marianne Ashurst, Marcia Fairman, Ricky Fritz, Mary Small
Costumes – Joy Evans, Sandy Burroughs, Virginia Casey, Carolyn Costello
Sound – Glenn Evans, Terry Hutnyan
Lights – Richard Banker, Mike Bruner, Susan Morgan
Props – Beth Perry, Janet Baserop, Gwen Headley, (and one other that beth told you about)
Stage Crew – Janet Baserop, Gwen Headley
Photography – Jim Eury
Prompters – Carolyn Gorman, Lynn Gill
Box Office – Bev Mangan, Marcia Fairman, Nellie Landrum
Mailing Crew – Bev Mangan, Sandy Burroughs, Marcia Fainman, Lois Fones, Nancy Fones, Marky Huffman, Betty Winegar, Mary Yordy
Lobby Decorations – Virginia Casey
Hospitality House Managers – Liz Campbell, Dick Draper, Pat Draper, Jason Strong, Becky Strong, Gala Barbara Turpin, Carolyn Gorman
Bartenders, Ushers, Servers, Box Office – Ruby Albright, Katerina Bergdoll,, Corrien Beauchamp, Joanne Cox, Rick Cox, Virginia Casey, Sally Clements, Catherine Courtney, Pat Draper, Nancy Fones, Lois Fones, Carolyn Griffis, Lynn Gill, Gary Gill, Katherine Hoffman, Marky Huffman, Deborah Hughes, John Huber, Ruth Huber,E ve Jordan, Gail Kyser, Doug Kyser, Nellie Landrum, Jim Landrum, Deanna Lavery, Chad Lewis, Nancy Millar, Ralph Millar, Gerald Mothershead, Susan Mothershead, Beth Oakes, Sandy Orton, George Orton, Marcia Peters, Carolyn Reiner, Betta Sarkhosh, Cyndy Sanford, Sue Straughan, Jason Strong, Becky Strong, Kelly Walters, Edie Williams, Mary Wilson, Betty Winegar, Mary Yordy


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