WHEN:  November 11 and 12, 2019

WHERE:  Westmoreland Players Theatre

16217 Richmond Road

Callao, VA  22435

TIME: 6:30-8:00 PM

CONTACT: Janice Coates 

TEXT or CALL: 804-366-6246



4 adult women – ages flexible

Elaine Wheeler:  A troubled woman with unsettling memories that impact her mental stability

Blanche Cooke:  Elaine’s nurse of long standing

Helga:  Elaine’s nosy German housekeeper

Dr. Tracey Lake:  The psychiatrist


5 adult men – ages flexible

John Wheeler:  Elaine’s husband

Vanelli:  Patrolman

Curtis Appleby:  The inquisitive neighbor

Lieutenant Walker:  The policeman who has to deal with Elaine’s criminal reports

Sam Hoke:  Delicatessen owner whose business is next door to Wheeler apartment



 Elaine Wheeler is a troubled woman of delicate mental health.  As her husband tries to comfort her she looks away and is shocked to see the body of dead man in the window of a building next door.  When the police are called and begin to investigate, they cannot find any evidence to support her report except an empty chair in a room of the abandoned next door building.  Several hours later, Elaine sees the body of a woman. Again the police investigate, again they find no body or evidence of any crime. As Elaine’s mental health deteriorates, her nurse, the psychiatrist and her husband convince her to check in to a Swiss sanitarium.  All these characters – the neighbor, the housekeeper, the nurse, and the husband – propel us to the chilling and unpredictable climax of this thriller.

An important point to remember: auditions are not just for actors. Volunteers and crew of all ages and levels of experience are always welcome.



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