Becoming a Players Patron

If you already buy a pair of season tickets from the Players, why not upgrade to become a patron with an additional  payment?

Two Season Tickets = $200 (for four main-stage productions)
Bronze Patron contribution = $300 (just $100 more than two Season Tickets, and the two tickets are included for the four main-stage productions, plus you get tickets for the Director’s Showcase, plus the option to attend opening-night galas at no extra charge, and free non-alcoholic drinks and desserts when you attend performances with your tickets).

In summary, what are the benefits of becoming a patron?

  1. Get two tickets to the four main-stage productions and the Directors’ Showcase, including the option to attend the opening-night galas for each production at no extra charge
  2. Free non-alcoholic drinks and desserts for the shows you attend with your tickets
  3. Patron acknowledgement in upcoming playbills (if desired)
  4. Knowing that you are making a difference by supporting the work of the many volunteers who share our organization’s Vision.


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