Greater Tuna

By Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, and Ed Howard

May 4 to 19, 2019

Tuna, Texas, where the Lions Club is too liberal and Patsy Cline never died.

“Greater Tuna” is a tour-de-farce, with quick-change artistry and characterizations of the upstanding and sometimes eccentric characters of Tuna. Most notable is that the original production was played by two actors who portrayed twenty different characters, including men, women, children, and animals.

All in all, a hilarious depiction of life in small-town America.



Dan Peters
Lucas Wigfield
Jesse Clark
John Pitman


Production Team

Director/Producer . . . Marcia Peters
Stage Manager . . . Janice Coates
Set Designer . . . Marcia Peters
Set Builder . . . Bill Armstrong
Carpenters . . . Dick Allen, Ralph Hendrickson, Skip Tilley
Mural Painting . . . Marianne Ashurst
Costumes . . . Julia Tilley, Marcia Peters
Light Designer . . . Michael Snider
Sound Designer . . . Marcia Peters
Tech Crew . . . Bill Armstrong, Ed Glading, John Pitman
Backstage Crew . . . Gwen Headly, Joanne Cox, Nancy Royall, Andrea Beazley, Jamie Beazley, Theresa Hollinger
Box Office Staff . . . Bev Mangan – manager, Marcia Fairman, Nellie Landrum, Michele Stotz
Hospitality Staff . . . Marianne Ashurst, Corinne Beauchamp, Katharina Bergdoll, Jeanette & Suzanne Bramble, Sandy Burroughs, Virginia Casey, Pam Collins, Catherine Courtney, Marcia Fairman, Lois & Nancy Fones, Kathy Hoffmann, Ruth & John Huber, Katie Lucy, Bev Mangan, Leila Smith, Ruth Turner, Bonnie & Bob Wilson, Betty Winegar, Frances Harvey, Deborah Hughes, Bruce Lawyer, Anne Neuman, Christy & Jerry Williams
Mailing Crew . . . Marcia Fairman, Lois & Nancy Fones, Bev Mangan, Ruth Turner
Bar Staff . . . Richard Royall, Al Hooker, Cathy Hooker, Betty Winegar
Lighting /SoundCrew . . . Michael Snider, Richard Banker, Debbie Evans, Mary Leslie, Ed Glading, Patty Rowley
Lobby Decor . . . Betty Winegar, Francis Harvey
Painting Crew . . . Marianne Ashurst, Julie Hendrickson, Laurel Corner, Janice Stewart Woolley, Marcia Fairman, Marcia Peters
Playbill . . . Steph and Michael Snider
Advertising . . . Marcia Fairman
Publicity . . . Alex Eguiguren
Gala Catering . . . Nancy Royall – chair, Theresa Hollinger, Ross Bradley, Muriel Martin, Pat Frasher, Ann Hergenreder, Rita Katzman, Dick Royall, Joanne Cox

The Westmoreland Players is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

“Greater Tuna” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.



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