Noises Off

By Michael Frayn
February 24 through March 12, 2023

Noises Off has been called “the funniest farce ever written.” This Westmoreland Players production will be directed by Jake Beckhard, a young visiting artist who has directed or assistant-directed numerous productions in New York and Washington, D.C.

Summary: In a provincial English town, a theatre troupe rehearses a touring production of a bawdy comedy, “Nothing On.” Unfortunately, almost nothing is going right – the cast can’t remember their lines, they mix up their blocking and misplace props, and they’ve lost sight of why they’re acting! Even the director is certain that the show will be a disaster.

Somehow, the cast pulls through, but by mid-tour, the drama has moved backstage, as cast and crews’ personal lives start to mirror the insanity in the play, with romantic dalliances, jealousies, and chaos reigning overall. By closing night, the play is in complete shambles both onstage and off, with cast members engaged in open warfare while simply trying to survive until the final curtain.


Dotty … Laurie Breakwell
Brooke … Rachel Beard
Belinda … Kelly Wright
Poppy … Katie Lucy
Lloyd  … Dan Beckhard
Freddie … John Pitman
Garry … Matt Johnson
Selsdon … George Runkle
Tim … Jackson Rainey


Producer … Dan Beckhad
Director … Jake Beckhard
Stage Manager … Joanne Cox
Assistant Stage Manager … Elena Runkle
Set Designer … Bill Armstrong
Set Construction … Bill Armstrong, Dick Allen, Bob Taylor, Ralph Hendrickson, Marguerite Armstrong, John Hodges, Skip Tilley, Ben Green, Joe Kalkowsky
Set Painting … Marianne Ashurst, Julia Clay, Julie Hendrickson, Gregg Holmes, Eileen Scholar, Janice Stewart
Sound Design/Production … Michael Snider
Lighting Design/Installation … Mike Gall, Michael Snider, Jerry Fairman
Booth Crew … Mike Gall, Christian Fields, Jerry Fairman, Debbie Evans
Props … Cindy Packet, Linda Browning, Suzi Maggard
Stage Crew … Janice Coates, Monique Levangie, Christopher Brown, Janet Baserap, Steven Sorrell
Costumes … Marcia Peters
Program … Debbie Evans
Directing Assistant … Elishua WhiteLobby Decoration … Virginia Casey, Mandy Faulkner, Isaac Faulkner
Publicity … Rain Eguiguren, Chris Muldoon, Michele Ayala, Alex Eguiguren
House Manager … Mandy Faulkner
Box Office Tickets … Catherine Brincefield, Marcia Fairman Nellie Landrum, Michele Stotz
Box Office Table … Bruce Lawyer, Deborah Hughes, Alex Eguiguren, Amy Jones, Catherine Courtney, Ruth Turner, Ruby Albright, Gwen Headley, Barbara Hatton
Mailing Crew … Sandy Burroughs, Virginia Casey, Marcia Fairman
Hospitality Coordinator… Kitty Beckhard
Gala … Nancy Royall
Hospitality … Mandy Faulkner, Isaac Faulkner, Kim Fields, Marcia Peters, Bob and Katie Lucy, Jerry Fairman, Virginia Casey, Rita Katzman, Suzanne Shrader, Betty Jo Simms, Sherry Germain, Catherine Brincefield, Geoffrey Bancroft, Julia Clay, Pete and Donna Ransone, Charles and Brenda Noseck, Amy and Alex Eguiguren, Jordan Bunn, James Brightwell, Christina Royall-Elam, Robert Elam, Rio Elam, Alyra Elam, Nancy and Richard Royall, Andrew and Cindy Packett, Rick Cox, Al and Cathy Hooker, Michelle Ayala, Sean Ayala, Barbara Sorrell, Frances and David Harvey, Ann Hergenreder, Gerald and Susan Mothershead, Maria Fairman, Katharine Hoffman, Marianne Ashurst

Noises Off” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.

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