Run for Your Wife

By Ray Cooney
August 2 to August 18, 2024

A madcap modern British farce about John Smith, a cab driver with two wives and two homes, and a very precisely planned schedule for juggling them. Trouble brews when John is injured and briefly hospitalized, and both wives report him missing to two different police departments. With the help of his lazy upstairs neighbor Stanley, John tries to keep his double life from exploding by hastily improvising a tangled web of lies to explain himself to his two wives and two suspicious detectives.


Mary Smith – Bénja Gladden-Slaughter
Barbara Smith – Katie Lucy
John Smith – Matt Johnson
Detective Sergeant Troughton – Michael Snider
Stanley Gardner – Christopher Brown
Newspaper Reporter – C.J. Minor
Detective Sergeant Porterhouse – Greg Hewitt
Bobby Franklyn – Dan Beckhard

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