Smoke on the Mountain

By Alan Bailey, Mike Craver, Mark Hardwick, and Connie Ray

August 3 to 18, 2019

At a country church in North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains, the young minister has enlisted the Sanders Family to perform in front of the congregation. Between songs, each family member tells a story about an important event in their life. They may seem a perfect and inspiring family, but each Sander provides enough humanity by revealing their weaknesses and allowing us to share in their triumphs. Heartfelt gospel songs and down-to-earth characters propel Smoke on the Mountain to a joyous celebration of life.


The Sanders Family Singers
Burl — Rick Cox
Vera — Laurie Breakwell
Stanley — Doug Fleet
June — Rachel Beard
Dennis — Andrew Magruder
Denise — Gabby Dockins
Pastor Mervin Oglethorpe — Dan Beckhard
Miss Maude — Bev Mangan
Miss Myrtle — Sandy Burroughs


Producer/Director — Nancy Royall
Music Director — Walt Mallorie
Assistant Music Director — Laurie Breakwell
Stage Manager — Joanne Cox
Assistant Stage Manager — Linda Stough
Set Designer — Nancy Royall
Set/Prop Construction — Dick Allen, Nancy Royall, Dick Royall, Skip Tilley
Set Installation — The Pickleball Crew: Matt Evans, Gregg Holmes, George Previs, Git Oesterle, Dan Beckhard, Ed Glading, Dick Royall
Painting — Marianne Ashurst, Laurel Corner, Marcia Fairman, Julie Hendrickson, Gregg Holmes, Janice Stewart-Woolley
Sound Design — Mike Snider
Light Design — Mike Snider
Tech Crew — Richard Banker, Janice Coates, Jen Magruder, Patti Rowley
Costumes — Sandy Burroughs
Choreography — Marcia Peters
Program — Stephanie Snider
Lobby Decoration — Virginia Casey, Frances Harvey
Publicity — Alex Eguigren
Mailing Crew — Bev Mangan, Virginia Casey
Box Office — Bev Mangan, Marcia Fairman, Nellie Landrum, Michelle Stotz
Hospitality — Bev Mangan
Gala — Marcia Peters, John Pittman, Ann Hergenreder, Bev Mangan, Virginia Casey, The Henderson Church volunteers,
Pat Frasher, Doreen Villalpando, Theresa Hollinger, Lucas Wigfield

– – –

The Westmoreland Players is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

“Smoke on the Mountain” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.


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